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USA VS FRANCE. The battle is coming.

The USA vs France — really skyrocketed interest to soccer. It wasn’t an object of big interest in the USA for a long time. Americans used to consider it a non-competitive type of sport, because of its low level of direct physical wrestle if compare it with American football. And its obviously true, — soccer is a game of thin complicated thoughtful action. To beat an opponent by means of a chess-like strategy, which is provided in team play, that what the soccer is all about.

Soccer somehow reminds me of the billiard. You have to kick a ball, be sharp, artful, forehanded.

I don’t know what the reason was but can clearly see that interest in this sport in the US has increased. I think it might have been globalization or the spirit of humanism finally caught up with American ceaseless progress.

And TV functionaries, as well as public, assumed that a bit lower rate of traumatism during the sportive games can be acceptable and won’t make the show fail.

Or maybe interest arose just to the women’s soccer, as the subconscious desire to watch women sport without dramatic tackles down and crashes. Which naturally one can hardly avoid in American football.

That may be a testimony of the grain of prudence presence among the totalitarian cultural abuse of feminism in the USA. But don’t get me wrong, I am not accusing anyone. I have got no evidence to do it. I am just….so sorry about American men.

But don’t distract me from the point. So, the national soccer team of the USA is playing versus the Franch team. Today. The time of the show is coming!

I am not sure about any perspectives of outstanding football combinations we will be shown, but, these girls are really fu*king cool. So, if fans (I generally mean male auditorium), do not enjoy the very sport, they at least will definitely enjoy young fit girls bodies running to and fro and shocking with their …you know.

What concerns sport itself, well, everybody knows that France has got considerable experience in winning in soccer competitions on all levels.

That concerns men’s football of course.

But, the expectations of the French fans are much higher than Americans.

So, from one hand, French girls will strive to win, but on the other hand, they will play under the pressure. And this gives some chances to the girls from states. The essential thing is the conditions of the sportswomen. Their physical abilities and mental attitude will play the main role in the game. The USA vs France — is about endurance more than about fascinating combinations, I believe.

I have been always wondering about women’s conditions and ability to perform actively in terms of the specifics of the women

I doubt women’s ability to perform adequately when they have «these days», you know what I mean.

Just can anyone explain to me how on Earth girls are able to bear periods while football game periods, each of 45 minutes? For God’s sake!

Forgive me this wordplay. And forget it. If you can

USA vs France. Performance is coming
I hope Mallory Pugh, my favorite, will not face that problem.

Woman as a goalkeeper is struggling against her nature

If you are not a puritanical man and you see the things from the perspective of their natural flow, don’t you think it is a bit perplexedly for a young pretty woman not to allow anyone to score..in her goal?

Just look at French team goalkeeper, — Sarah Bouhaddi. She is so cute. She got the charm of a French woman who is originally from «far from France» countries.

USA vs France
If I ever had a chance, I would play soccer with this lady and score during the whole night.

That is all, soccers. See you.

Winchester Does