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Shark attack happened in the Bahamas. Why should I care?

Ooo, Jesus! Shark attack! Breaking news:

«Some predators killed a poor girl…WTF!?»

«How dared they!?! Fuc@ing animals! Don’t they cross the line?…»

«The innocent victim again…These born-to-kill-beasts have to be stopped!»

You know, don’t get me wrong, I am sorry about Jordan Lindsey, a California’s student, beloved daughter, sister, and girlfriend, but…

What is so dramatically tragical in this story? Doesn’t it sound two-faced when we make such an ado about one accidental death?

Nobody cries us a river and performs a hot-news when people die in hospitals because of diseases, car accidents, or drugs. There is no broadcast discussion of death which happens in the wars, which I presume, are unfolding each day across the world. Fox News or any other broadcaster doesn’t drop a word about the regular fatality of a child or adult in Africa, caused by starvation or lack of fresh clean water.

That is because all those deaths are routine, the take place in accordance with normal, regular, accustomed life flow.

Isn’t it preplanned that soldiers and even civilians die at war? Isn’t it routine that patients die because of heartaches, cancer?

Yes, it is. Don’t fuc*ing deceive yourself! We all live in urban, use service and medical care, we drink treated water and take the risks to be killed in car accidents or to get a heart attack which is a natural consequence of ceaseless stresses we are experiencing all the time while hunting for profit and career.

Again we watch on TV that due to some reasonable pretext someone once again has started a new local war. And as a matter of fact, in a couple of months, nobody is really frustrated or abused with news that some amount of soldiers and civilians has been killed at this new war. We simply have got used to these things.

So far we live in paradigma which determines our liberal attitude to the death caused by a dozen causes.

And we can’t stand death when it falls out from the stable determined case list.

And death caused by the attack of born-to-kill-creatures is definitely beyond our tolerance. We accept death coming from other people, we accept death which comes from technological breakdowns, we are used to death caused by drug consumption, but, we lose our temper if our lives are taken by stupid animals. That is because of their being on the lower level of development, is it not?

And the reason which makes it worse is that we totally can’t tolerate such a kind of death especially if it comes during leisure time!

Civilized humanity set up the right to free and safe leisure and vacation

If a person has paid money for spending a great time in the Bahamas, no one is allowed to spoil this bargain!

That is delusional. A defect of consumer society. You can’t subdue nature with its laws, even if you or your parents can earn enough money for California’s University. You cant be special.

I don’t care for the shark attack. Because dozen of my fellow citizens are dying right now at Donbass War. Is their death determined?

Winchester Does