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Ancient city of Eastern Europe — Kiev which you have never known

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Kiev, keeps its charisma and secrets

Nobody knows for sure how old Kiev really is. Well, it is coused by the simple fact — the persons who setled Kiev left us no written sign of that.  So, scientists use circumstantial proofs.
Archeologiests explored artifacts and defined their approxomite age.  Then they made a conclussion about the age of setlement. But it still is under question wheahter it was already city or just a small setlement of migrational social groups.
How can we define when the setlment became a city?
Of course all the records decribing the setlement at this location which were found do play a role of great importance.

History of Kiev
Find out unbeliveble facts about Kiev

These days we have a couple of version regarding the Kiev foundation. There are many records about Kiev  from the 11 th centure. Up to that time there had already been built Sofievska Church. Desyatinna Church, Golden Gates. But that happened after the state was christened.

Fastis «The novel of the passing years» of Nestor Letopisec, the famos monach of Pecherska Larva, which was written in 1113,  contains no record about the precise date of Kiev foundation. The outhere describes foudators and it is obvious that they had lived far long before Nestor. That understanding arises due to the fact that the fasti describes the debate if Kiy had been a prince or just a boatman who tranfered citizens across Dnipro.

Cristians grew to believe in the history that Andrew Pervozvanny, the associate of Jesus Crist, visited Kievs hils at the banks of Dnipro. There is believe that he anticipated grace future to the city.  If so, Kiev had to exist before A.D.

According to the Veles Book says that Kiev had already had 1500 old before the year 900th

Well this evidance cant be taken seriously as soon as no scientist has proved its othenticity.

Ancient Kiev - the history reveals
One of the oldest cities in Europe

After all the person whos witnesses we can trust is an engineer and cartographer  Giom De Boplan.  This guy provided the real scientific explore of Ukraine in 1660.
In his book  «Description d’Ukranie» he talks and depicts on maps fortresses, ramparts and moats, most of which were already ruins at that time.
De Boplan indicates that some of the ruins were at least 1,400 years old. Based on this, there is an assumption that some destroyed Christian churches were built in the 200s of our era. And before that there was a pagan settlement, perhaps a city.
The period when the «Snakelike ramparts», the fortifications with length more than hundreds kilometers, were constructed was somewhen near 150 B.C.
With all likelihood it was in order to protect big setlement or rather city.
Dr. Sergey Klimovskyi makes his conclussions on the
excavations which took place in 1996 along the Stritenska street, near Lvivski Gates.
In his foundamental work — «Castle hill in Kiev. Five sousand years of histiry» he describes evolution of Tripilska Culture and its flourishing about 5500-2800 years B.C.

But, dont take me wrong, these years are not the date of birth of Kiev.

Different races  were coming and leaving, some of them were conquered by others, all had their rises and downs in a row.
And the author says that Polyani — one of the latest tribe occupying banks of Dnipro, finaly founded the big city.

The things you have to comprehand are that
excavations revealed Romanian coins, Skandinavian stuff and many other matter from all over the ancient Europe.

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