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It’s time to choose the time to live in

Time shifting is coming to end. Europe abandons sesons clock change

Seems like United Europe has decided to refuse seasons clock’s  change.  Special Commission provided research and eventually came to conclussion that European Union should abandon finaly it in 2019.

Each country can choose wheather to fallow Commission’s recmendation or not. So, it is generelly up to State outhorities but the decissions have to be reckoned and coresonded with neighbours so that keep schedule of tranfers and transport working.

In order to make the general shift softer, the coutries have been given time to make final preperations up to April 2019. This is the dead-line to decide which time they are goig to use — summer or winter.

The last obligated shift to the summer time is made on Sunday, the 31 of March.
After this shifting there is only the one window to change shift into the winter type — on Sunday, the 27 th of October 2019.

And since than the season’s clock changes will be canceled.

These proposals are to be approved by the EuroParlament and the Council of Europe.

So, there is still one question — Will Kiev fallow the European Trend?