На сайте вы найдете полезную и интересную информацию о городе Киев, большой выбор ресторанов, музеев, новостроек и интересных мест где провести вечерний отдых. Гости и жители столицы смогут узнать много необычного о Киеве и посетить лучшие достопримечательности.

The essential things you wanted to know about Kiev

Kiev is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the Europe. Dont lose opportunity to enjoy it's atmosphere

Kiev is waiting…So, if one day you are about to visit Kiev in Ukraine remember — Kiev (the capital) is much better than you might have been told it was.
Globalization is unstoppable and each year thousands of fastidious tourists from the West Europe are searching for new places to come to. And Eastern Europe appears to be not so outputting as majority used to believe.
First of all be aware that Kiev is just a bit younger than Paris, — just for approximately five hundred years, and as well as many other European Capitals Kiev has really fascinating places of interest, architecture monuments and the whole downtown breathes with ancient ages.
Maidan. Kiev city
Kiev. Cenral Square -«Maidan» at evening
So, if you or your acquaintances hesitates whether it worth attending, here you got a short list of reasons for final positive decision.
  • Kiev has been acknowledged as one of cheapest European capitals. So, guys, you may get a lot of fun just for cents. A cup of coffee will cost you less than one Euro
  • In the same time the infrastructure is developed pretty well. So, one will be able to use all types of transport: planes (Kiev has two airports), railway, taxi, subway, trolleybuses, city buses, and even pleasure boat (during summer season).
And once again — the prices for transfer are more than acceptable, they are attractive.
The railway connection between Lviv and Kiev, or Odessa and Kiev coasts 20 Euro.
Fotball fans in Kiev
Kievkiev. Fotball fans. Fanzone. Europa-League-Final 2018
The subway’s fare is something near 30 cents. And the whole city is covered by subway net.
Besides, there is a funicular railway in Kiev. Just at the center of city. And being inside gives opportunity to enjoy outstanding sight views of the river Dnipro and hills which are passing along the great river.
  • «Alldaylong feast». Well, this item might be the point of interest for youth.
«Kiev never sleeps» — I wouldn’t say so, but…It sleeps little. And how else could it be if City contains a dozens of big Universities. Young people as usual supposes drive, sex and Rock’n’Roll!
Night clubs perform entertainment from Thursday up to Mondays mornings.  Karaoke, dance clubs. bowling, cinemas, and all other sorts of fun are available in Kiev. The one step to get them is to buy a ticket and fly to Kiev.
Kiev pleasure boats on the river Dnipro
Evening Kiev
  • And do not worry for accommodation. You can choose from thousands of variants, starting from residence at uptown and even get the room in Hilton right at the downtown.
While traveling in Ukraine you will never get lost because in any situation you can ask for help and you will get because almost all youth speaks English.